Hello, I'm Yulian,
a Graphic Designer & Art Director
ENUMA Art Bureau Concepts (WIP)
At the project discussion stage, I would like to share my concepts for the art bureau, whose founders asked me to help with branding and identity. My clients already know which direction of communication they should go in, and my concepts reveal different sides of the same thing - a closed and elite society of professionals and connoisseurs of contemporary art.
DRUGMETAL Creative Direction & Branding
This is a new-generation auction concept that beautifully combines blockchain technology and vintage jewelry. I developed the big idea and core values, created a corporate identity image, designed the logo, chose a font solution, shot, and retouched the project.
Entery Branding & Art Direction
Entery combines a creative space, a lecture theatre, a homewares store, a bookshop, and a coffee shop. Based on the research of the target audience, branding and identity were developed. This resulted in an elegant logo and font solution, color palette, and filming direction.
Pluz Branding & Social Media Design
Pluz is a jewelry and costume jewelry store based primarily on Instagram. For this store, I developed a brand identity, logo, and guidelines for communication on Instagram.
Vera Rebranding & Web Design
The Vera brand has existed since 2018. All this time he had a design, there were sales, but there was no key thing - identity and branding. At one point, the company realized that it was necessary to start from scratch to increase sales and expand the line. So, I was tasked with developing an identity and branding for a company primarily located on Amazon. These introductory notes resulted in a bright, eye-catching, bold design.
Saus.Guru Branding, Web Design & Art Direction
Saus.Guru – Sauces store in the Netherlands. The brand approached me to develop a new website, however, during the process it became clear that the brand needed to first develop branding, and from that a website and new packaging.
Prowess Branding, Web Design & Art Direction
Prowess – Amazon-centric hair care brand. I was faced with the task of developing a bright, yet laconic branding to stand out from competitors on Amazon. In the first month of launch, the brand received “Amazon's Choice”, and after a while, it was decided to develop a website. It is planned to launch soon in offline stores in Germany and throughout Europe.
SV Project Web Design
The architectural bureau SV Project approached me with a request to develop a new website for their company. A special feature of this bureau is that they are partners of many Dutch furniture manufacturers. The website had to show that in addition to the bureau’s services, they provide the opportunity to buy the necessary furniture or collection.
St. Joris Doele Logo & Web Design
St. Joris Doele is a historic house in Amsterdam where you can rent rooms for meetings, conferences, dinners, etc. The building's new owner needed to update the logo and create a website. A historical font was chosen for the logo, corresponding to the era of the building itself. An elegant and deep blue was chosen as the main color for the site, referencing the unique color of the walls in the St. Joris Doele.
Film Collectiv Logo concept
Film Collectiv is a small production company that came to me with a request to develop a logo. It was assumed that the team would primarily be engaged in filming for fashion brands, so the monogram was made with a hint of elegance and sophistication. Unfortunately, the project was not launched, but I think it is worth showing.
Have a request for branding and design in general? Or are you looking for new experiences and collaborations? Contact me by mail: yulpeshkom@gmail.com or telegram: @Yulian_m
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